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Pre-K/Young Fives



Ages:  4 – 5 years


Goals:  To provide a loving, caring and safe environment with numerous opportunities to promote self-confidence, self-reliance and a lifelong love of learning.


Curriculum:  Children learn by doing.  They learn by playing, experimenting, exploring and testing.  Our pre-kindergarten curriculum is a natural, joyful experience designed to optimize learning in all developmental areas.


A typical day in our Pre-Kindergarten classrooms includes Choice Time, for small group and independent play/work; Group Time, for large group play/work; and Outdoor Time, as well as time for meals and rest.  Weekly themes, broken down into daily lesson plans center around developmentally appropriate activities in areas such as self-concept, motor skills, language/communication, logic/numbers/classification, self-help, safety, socialization and creativity.  Academic skills are learned through hands-on activities and experiences, as well as during group time activities.  Group times are child-centered, participatory sessions that include story-time, music, movement, fingerplays, discussions, calendar, and weather-related activities.


The main focus in our Pre-Kindergarten program, is preparation for kindergarten. In addition to the above-mentioned developmental areas, pre-reading, writing and math skills are emphasized.  A strong foundation in these areas will serve our children well when they leave our program.


Our Pre-k classrooms are divided into a variety of interest areas:  art, dramatic play, literacy, science, sensory, music, technology, blocks/construction, handwriting and math.  These centers enable small group interactions with caregivers nearby to offer support.  They also allow for independent play and learning.


Our Pre-k curriculum provides numerous opportunities for children to demonstrate and practice their developing skills in a safe, supportive environment.  We are proud to offer an academically rich, developmentally appropriate program to help your child flourish.  We look forward to sharing this rewarding time with you and your family.

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