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Our History

Little Tots Early Learning Center is the place where you can trust that your child is receiving the utmost in care. We have been family owned and operated for more than sixty years. We opened our doors in 1959 and are still owned and operated by the Preston Family. Providing excellent care for children is our passion and, as such, we are the premiere center in the City of Livonia. We are proud to count among our student body the children, and now grandchildren, of former students which we consider to be the highest honor. We have served and continue to serve Livonia and the surrounding communities using the same philosophy since the day we opened and that is, at Little Tots, children come first. We are pleased to welcome you to our center.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a loving, secure, educational environment for young children and their families. Our center maintains a safe, age appropriate, supportive environment where children learn, explore, and experience the world. Our play based programs encourage the development of the whole child, promote individuality, self-confidence, love of learning and respect for themselves and others.

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Our Goals

  • Help the child develop trust and respect for him/herself and others
  • Provide experiences where the child will develop a good self-concept and a positive opinion of him/herself, the family and the community
  • Provide direction and discipline as needed
  • Allow the freedom to explore in a safe environment
  • Meet the basic health, physical and developmental needs and create a desire to attend school
  • Help the child to develop a positive attitude towards teachers and others
  • Teach the use of oral language to express thoughts and feelings and to increase knowledge
  • Teach the names of objects encountered in daily living
  • Arouse interest in literature


The safety and security of the children in our care is our number one priority. All exterior doors to our building are locked from the outside at all times. To enter the building, all families enter their own unique passcode into the keypad at the front door, then enter it again to access the classrooms. The passcode is activated upon enrollment and deactivated when the family leaves the center.
Family members and adults other than the parent/guardian are welcome to pick up your children as long as their name appears on a list, provided by you, of people authorized to pick them up. The person’s I.D. will be checked by Little Tots staff and matched to the list of names you have provided.
In addition to these security measures, we use a video surveillance system to monitor the points of entry into the building as well as the common areas of the interior of the building. All staff members have completed a comprehensive background check through the State of Michigan database.


Children with severe allergies, such as allergies to bee stings, peanut products, etc., may be at risk of a serious allergic reaction in a childcare setting due to contact with or ingestion of the allergen.  It is for this reason that Little Tots takes allergies very seriously.  Children with food allergies are monitored closely and restricted from any foods that may cause a reaction.  No foods from outside the center are served to the children without prior notification.  We adhere to a Nut-Restricted policy for all classrooms and ask that our families not bring any products containing nuts (peanuts and tree nuts) into the building.  Parents of children with severe allergies who require an EpiPen will provide the EpiPen which will be kept in the child’s classroom.  Staff will be instructed by the parent on how to administer the medication.

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